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The project is an exploration of using architectural rhetoric in affecting political change.

The project explores the concepts of grandeur, order, symmetry and simplicity in constant tension with the stark reality and the confusion of the contemporary world. The ‘disconnect’ that a cult tries to create to enchant their followers is also investigated. Taking inspiration from the mannerist masterminds, Robert Venturi and John Hejduk, this is a rhetorical interpretation of neo-classical architecture, highly favoured by the extremist right-wing groups in the United States of America.

Nestled amongst the thick vegetation of the Rock Creek Park, in the quiet but highly influential and politically-charged suburb of embassies, is the site for this project, Embassy of the Caucasian Male, the official headquarters for white-nation rights lobbying advocacy. This building would be a celebration of White Culture and an advocacy group for the Disenfranchised White Man.
Additionally, this project is designed to be the data collection unit on the white supremacists in the influential positions and their larger schemes. Further, the very existence of the building would force the closet racists to self-reflect on their beliefs, while also shattering the world of racism deniers. In this sense, this project is also a jarring attempt to raise awareness and continue the conversation on racial injustices faced by many all over the world.

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