Abelyn Lee

Hello Darkness is a scheme that promotes space exploration, relating to the Master plan for Lot 14 in Adelaide. The aim was to design space exhibition halls and a research centre for space rocks. The geometric form of the buildings was inspired by the grooves and sharp edges of space rocks. The research lab is a mirrored image of the exhibition space reflects on the hardship of researchers that provides intel about the wonders of the world. Exhibition 1 has a triple ceiling height that exhibits space suits on the ground level while the spacecraft hangs from above. Exhibition 2 displays and space audio, moon rock and different meteorites. The triangle ceiling takes a similar form of a human cuffing gesture. Rocks displayed between the cuffed triangles symbolises scientists and astronauts presenting their precious findings from their research and exploration. Exhibition 3 exhibits book of code by Margeret Hamilton. Upon arrival, a hologram of Margaret Hamilton greets the visitors with an interactive screen in front of it that displays questions from the interview.

Soft Amplifier is a medium-density housing project that emphasizes connections and integrations between nature to building; building to humans; humans to humans; humans to nature. The ground floor implements multiple community functions that activate the space through different circulation paths. The vertical connection between the public and private is achieved through courtyard and balcony spaces between dwellings and roof garden. Water trickles from the roof garden flow down every edge acts as a sound barrier that cancels out noises from Anzac Highway and provides resources for the green facade. Plantations are placed in a ripple-like radius amplifies on the importance of human activities. Each dwelling replicates the surrounding modular houses to bring rooted connection towards the site.

always was, always will be Kaurna land

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