Agastya Adhar

Venice with all its years of pain, suffering and death, maintains its grandeur with history coursing through it and the surrounding channels and islands as blood through veins. Being a tourist and merchant centre for the world makes this part if Italian an especially vulnerable one.

History is riddled with documentation of infectious outbreaks in Venice and the wider continent of Europe, giving rise to the containment concept of quaranta giorni. The pure scarcity of medical technology advancements and theoretical and practical understanding led to unprecedented devastation in nations across the world, claiming millions of lives - young and old.

From history through the time of the Black Plague, to this very moment battling through COVID-19, the world remains threatened despite the peak maxima of technological and medical advancements.

Senza Precedenti. A curation of architecture designed to accommodate and catalyse biomedical solutions against unprecedented threats to the population. Designed as an instrument to catalyst the biological advancements against pandemics from its state of the art laboratories and research facilities with a focus on the prime concept on which this design is built – Collegial collaboration and global convergence of great minds. The design invites medical and science specialist from all nations around the world to contribute towards these advancements.

As stated by Hashim Sarkis, “Architects are conveners…. Architecture suggests possible social organisations through the way it arranges, sequesters, and connects spaces.”

Senza Precedenti aims to promote lateral thinking in bio strategies, education for future generations and a collaborative, joint venture of scientific brilliance between all countries around the globe. The laboratories and research facilities enable experts to progress seamlessly toward global goals to better equip the population of today and tomorrow to face such biological threats and continue to live together.

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