Akanksha Khanna

Akanksha Khanna

The proposed project is in San Francisco known as Sutro Baths. Sutro Baths was a project developed by Adolph Sutro in 1894. It was an all-day family excursion to the shore which was destroyed in a fire in 1966.
In the broader aspect, the idea is to revive the area along with keeping the essence and vision of Adolph Sutro alive. The intent is to create a space to promote a balanced lifestyle, a place where people from all around the world feel welcome. The projects propose is to help the local community of the city along with inviting tourists.

The concept was to develop structures that settle into the landscape rather than dominating the ocean view. The heavily contoured site gives out a hint of the spaces below along with creating the first impression. The transition structure’s purpose is to brief the visitors with the cultural importance of the site before they venture out to explore it. Hence the structure is designed in such a way that along with serving as an access to the recreational area it also educates the visitor about its history. Transition space is designed to emphasis the key motifs of transparency and openness. Spaces are designed to increase social interaction and contentment. The changing levels depict the story of Sutro baths along with its ups and downs. The materials feature a similar tone to respect and emphasis the natural landscape of the area, while also underlining the unity of spaces.
The multiple water pockets in the recreational area below promote different ways to experience water. The activities in the recreational area have been spread out in a way that the visitor gets the experience of the entire site where they can experience the new along with the old.

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