Alexander Miller

In this densification scheme, residential and community program are enveloped by a perforated canopy, creating a buffer between occupants and the adjacent ANZAC Highway, with opportunity for landscaping above.

Dismantling the common typology of the apartment block allows a cluster of dwellings and community program.

The spatial voids created between varying built program types becomes landscape to occupy, where gardens and rear walls of adjacent dwellings act as screening and boundaries. This way, occupants inhabit a connective environment where the external and internal spaces meet as one.

Trees and green-space play an important role on site; offering shade, screening, privacy and wellbeing to occupants.

Adaptable pre-fabricated dwellings allow multiple tenancy for various occupancy types across the densified site. The smallest home, with a 25sqm footprint, is designed specifically for singles or couples. Doubling that footprint allows for a comfortable dwelling for co-living or a family unit. By increasing the number of floors, a multi-generational, or large share-house can be achieved.

Detached shared amenities and an on-site laundry eliminates the need for second bathrooms and excessive individual services, and offer greater flexibility of living spaces.

A multi-use ‘sensory pool’ program consisting of water bodies of varying temperature, depth and enclosure is used for social gathering, bathing, reflection and meditation.

Erasing the traditional borders of detached dwellings allows life to extend beyond a single lot, engaging a connection between occupants and environment.

always was, always will be Kaurna land

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