Alexandra Stadtkus

Located in west Giudecca, the Mestiere Arts Precinct aims to protect and preserve four crafts intrinsic to Venice’s cultural and artisanal identity. The Precinct offers distinct studio spaces for the training of ceramics, glass, paper making and marbling as well as lace and textiles. With each craft having significance in Venice, the project encourages the continued manufacture of these goods locally while also ensuring that the crafts are passed on to younger generations from those who have practiced within the region.

Situated on the site of an abandoned factory, adaptive reuse formed an important focus from the outset of the project. The two existing buildings, original brick chimney and cranes on the 8,200m2 site have been retained as hints to its past life to link between the temporal phases of past, present and future.

The residential component of the Precinct aims to bridge a gap in the current shortage of housing available to Venetian locals due to the impacts that the tourism industry has had on the city. Aligning with the 2020 Venice Biennale How Will We Live Together? the meaning and essence of ‘home’ is something which I found to be incredibly personal yet relevant on a micro and macro scale. Twelve dwellings provide housing options, both temporary and long term, for these affected locals and their families as well as the artists teaching the crafts on site to encourage a more harmonious relationship between artists, tourists and locals.

For as long as I remember many Saturday mornings throughout my childhood were spent with my head in the real estate section of The Advertiser. I believe this is what sparked my innate passion for design and more specifically residential architecture. Among many things, I believe architecture plays an incredibly vital part in our everyday lives to shape both the built and natural environments in which we dwell- and now more than ever our personal and collective responsibility as designers should keep this in mind.

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