Alyssa Nelson

Una Pausa – A Rest

An architectural wellness journey of guided inner-self healing.
Where water meets water. This project’s agency addresses the need for wellness through mental and physical health and wellbeing. This year’s events have highlighted now more than ever the inherent need for self-care.

Located on Isola San Secondo, west of the mainland of Venice, its self-seclusion reflects the need to step away from the stressors of daily life. To pause. To rest. The Agency looks to address the overwhelming tourism crisis in Venice. Una Pausa is a funded project accessible to venetian locals and funded by high end tourism.
Concepts used throughout the project include: defining form by site, water, existing site context, wellbeing, new growth, contextual geometries, circulation to destination, light and shadow. These are addressed through a considered material palate for maximum sensorial experience.

Experiences include a Mini Mindfulness Retreat (Day trip) and a Full Mental Reset (2-night stay in accommodation). Spatial experiences include: Arrival Piazza, Touch Stone, Un-Robing, Full Body Cleanse, Thermal Bath, Steam Detox, Deep recovery, Revitalising Rain Bath, Resurrection Mineral Salt Bath, Purifying Clay Sensation, Sensory Release Yoga, Apothecary, Aromatic Resurrection, Accommodation, Lounge and restaurant.
The Apothecary and Aromatic Resurrection act as a vertical insertion of volumetric space; central in amplification of architectural agency and defines hierarchy in zoning. Emphasizing architectural attitude. A Juxtaposition to the linear form of other programs on site. The volume consisting of an occupied sweeping ramp as part of the wellness journey. An educational solution through production, dispensary, and absorption. A perfume pharmaceutical and datum bank for natural scent therapy. A critical core for agency.

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