Amanda Teixeira

La casa dell'architettura

The project is located in Florence, Italy on a corner of the main street via Calimala via Orsammichele.This location is interesting because the via Calimala connects important historical and tourist points, starting at the Catedral di Santa maria, Piazza Della Reppublica and Piazza Della Signoria.
Some characteristics in the quarter are the surrounding buildings, the concerto building has a renaissance language while the building on the left has a medieval language.

Florence has a rich architectural history is an open-air museum where it is possible to see architecture through time. Talk about Florence is talking about the Renaissance. It was there that everything started to break with the Middle Ages to start a new era. Florence tells this story through buildings of complexity, seeking to align symmetry and beauty, bringing classical references but with a humanistic and rational vision. Renaissance is established in three phases: of four hundred, high renaissance, and the mannerisms.

Because of all this historical wealth, the architecture school program is justified. The program and school of architecture of short courses. The intention is to extend the class to the streets of Florence, giving to the students the opportunity to study in live.


The biggest challenge of this project was the design of the facade. It is where the complexity of the project is. I studied it through model patterns and sequences that brought the language to exist but also brought something new. After many tests and drawings arrive at 2 different solutions; one with a slightly more modern and differentiated light and the other a more respectful and aligned approach. It was then that I decided to combine these two pieces of information to bring the transition idea of the striking lines of the surroundings to the most modern approach.

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