Ami Matthan

Increasing globalisation, coupled with higher dependencies on mobile phones and the internet, has precipitated changes in societal behaviours, lifestyles, modified consumer preferences, re-calibrated notions of value and has systematically transformed traditional retail environments across the world. Online retailers capitalising on these new found customer-brand relationships, are seen to be edging out physical retailers like traditional brick-and-mortar stores. It becomes imperative for physical stores to address this challenge, so as to ensure that they continue to remain relevant and more importantly evolve and flourish, in such a dynamically changing competitive landscape. In response to this context, there arises a need to fundamentally re-think the nature and design of retail spaces and re-examine in-store experiences, to create environments that are multisensory, allow for social and community interaction and engage a diverse set of users. The proposal seeks to redefine the retail environment, by way of designing spatial environments that incorporate atmospheric cues and by introducing programs that encompass the making (studios and workshops) and consumption (retail stores) of content, so as to encourage cross-disciplinary usage, sharing of resources and create an engaging and participative environment. Situated between the two main thoroughfares of North Terrace and Rundle Street in Adelaide, the proposal aims to spatially and programmatically feed off the energies of the museums and art galleries (on North Terrace) as well as the retail stores and restaurants (on Rundle Street). The aim is to redesign the site of a disused car park, by creating a multi-sensory retail space that would echo and enhance the vitality of the area, by drawing on our memories of materials, spatial sequences and aural, visual and olfactory stimuli; and spatially connect users to their surroundings, by introducing courtyards, terraces and lightwells in the design scheme.

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