Ann Nguyen


To create a community space that fosters the connection between nature and wellness while reconnecting with Venetian culture and heritage. A place of refuge, seclusion and privacy. Exploring ways to bring architecture and nature closer together in order to blur the distinction of indoors and outdoors through light, smell and taste.

My design will focus on the user experience and their sense of connection with nature through the exploration of light, materiality and air quality. My intention was to create a multi-sensory experience that continues to unfold as you explore the unique site. The design emphasises the role of the senses and how our emotions play in our experience of architecture. A series of entwined elements that lead visitors along a richly planted paths to the aromatic hub of the site; the spice and herb garden. This space is filled with lush vegetation contained by glass walls that open up into a workshop where people dry and crush their spices for cooking, home made remedies and perfumes.

Located on the remote island of Lazzaretto Nuovo, this retreat will bring attention and activity back to the island. Rich in history, the site was once used as a quarantine island, essentially protecting Venice from the plague. Taking cues from the existing site, my design will follow the typology of hortus conclusus, an enclosed garden that represents protection and security. Venetians need a space where they can slow down; somewhere to find clarity and elevate their health and well-being.

always was, always will be Kaurna land

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