Annelise Beck


Rewilding Urban Living

Much like estuaries are the threshold for the river to meet the sea, the Camden Park site serves as a threshold for city dwellers to pass through on their way to the beach. The exploration of thresholds played an important part in informing both the landscape and dwelling design.

The 4000sqm site Bayou consists of 13 dwellings and a portion of the community centre, housing the indoor pool and community greenhouse. Each of these dwellings has utilised vertical and horizontal planning to ensure spaces are adaptable and comfortable. The materials and forms are designed to reflect back the skeleton of the city and simultaneously the organic nature of the ocean. The buildings are encouraged to be taken over with plants, allowing the urban fabric to be rewilded.

Throughout the site the typography contributes to creating a secure and safe landscape. Rather than using fences to separate dwellings from one another and the public, the typography is a series of layers each one serving a purpose. The first layer is a space the public is welcome to use this is why seating has been designed it. This steps up to the water layer that the public can still interact with. There is then a green layer of trees and plants designed to be a loose barrier between public and private.

The concept of an eco-village has been integrated into the design. Most predominately through urban agriculture infill, in 2045 as urbanisation increases so too will the need for urban agriculture. This has been integrated into the site in a number of ways. There are a series of aquatic water farms throughout the site, encouraging public involvement and learning. Situated above the indoor pool is a community greenhouse that utilises steam to create the correct humidity for produce. While residents with access to a terrace are encouraged to take part in urban farming. These elements all encourage the public to take part in rewilding urban living.

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