Bailey Sturrus

Fondamente Interschool is an education and urban intervention project, looking directly at one of the most intrinsic problems Venice faces. Starting the studio with the main theme for the Venice Biennale “How will we live together?”, my year-long focus became investigating the intimate relationship Venetians have with their waterways and the unique problems they cause with Acqua Alta and global warming.

Developing a project that didn’t solve these problems but enabled others to learn and gain the knowledge required to be the Venetian problem solvers of tomorrow is what I began to focus on. After locating a site adjacent to 3 different education facilities, the project to develop a STEM based learning facility began. Following layouts reflecting the expanding + contracting Venetian streets and the theoretical work mapping of the ‘Eudaimonia Machine”, a series of collaborative classrooms and specialised workspaces for were arranged within a built form that promoted ingenuity and creative problem solving.
Not only was the project facilitating the development of engineering solutions unique to Venice, it also stands as an example of engineering solutions to building around Venetian waterways. A unique suspension pylon system not only allows the project to securely stand over the undulating open water, it breaks through into the built fabric, featuring in exhibition spaces and through multiple facets around the learning environments.

A close connection and engagement to the surrounding community and context was needed to further establish and locate the project into Venetian life. The immediate urban landscape was designed around the principles of intelligent urbanism, mainly creating spaces for the community, for friendship, and spaces for the individual. This urban connection then links through to urban interventions placed near each of the 3 nearby education facilities, tying together the scheme on a neighbourhood level.

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