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Ghost town refuge as a project, will be to revitalize the forgotten and abandoned places of a once-active human settlement that has been left with fewer or no inhabitants. Bringing back this place to life with its history and stories will keep the past alive and show as the ways of the past to shape a better future and appreciate the present through design and architecture. This project could also help boost the socio-economic life of this forgotten places.
Farina is a ghost town located in South Australia. It became a ghost town in 1980s due to its climatic conditions. During 2008 a Farina restoration group was formed who restored Farinas underground bakery. This started attracting many tourists especially students, showing the potential of Farinas growth.
This project is a proposal for the restoration of the Transcontinental Hotel and activities to attract more visitors to farina. The process of designing started with the idea board which is an experiment of materials and textures; using simple materials and contemporary techniques while retaining the originality. The proposed Transcontinental hotel consists of a common outdoor space which can act as a meeting point or interaction space for all the visitors with courtyard, outdoor toilets and bath accessible to all.
As entering the hotel, a passage with Farina’s old walls and stories are seen. The upper floor has different typologies of rooms with big windows giving a view of Farinas dessert. The partially exposed roof and materials used in interior gives out a rustic vibe. Using simple material palette and minimal elements in the interior to make guests feel calm and enjoy the view. Steel beams and columns are used to take the load of first floor, making it stand independent without affecting the heritage walls. The elevation of the building shows the combination of old and new with strong material differences to distinguish two architectural styles.

always was, always will be Kaurna land

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