Blake McDougall

A master-planning proposal for urban adaption in post flood Venice, New Nomads builds upon the growing tensions within fragments of the Venetian populous, each arguing and posing measures for the coming flood. It’s within these reactionary splinter cells of Venice that a new ideology emerges. With the city anticipating a 4 trillion-dollar bill to make a flood damaged Venice liveable, this project looks at the prospect for urban adaption that lends itself to a self built architectural language. From these themes ultimately the city must reconcile what parts of the city’s heritage are most valuable and what the city can afford to keep, ultimately fostering a utilitarian and anarchistic approach to the preservation of architectural heritage in the name of survival.

Generated by differing creeds and ideals, transformative structure is embraced and expressed in order to serve subsistence in the new world. The connection between the old and new is not intended to be ignored or forgotten, but operate as an intermediate between the unique architectural heritage of Venice servicing the sites new datum’s. Functioning as a new language for the future survival of Venice, an infrastructure typology which preserves and services the past signifiers which the Venetian holds dear, whilst also embracing the technology necessary to facilitate to Venice’s future. Taking the form of iconic past typologies which make up the site, both residential and civic impositions aim to harness the classic vernacular of Venice, contrasting and appropriating existing built language whilst respecting context through the extremely traditional practice that take place within.

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