Brooke Bartolic

Ēten meaning ‘food’ in Dutch is a modern take on canteen style dining. The narrative of the design de-rives from a merger of curator and writer, Renny Ramakers and organisation, Amnesty International. Ramakers methodology of constantly crossing borders between disciplines and mixing different cultures within her work has created the basis to my design intent. Ramakers book “less and more” has become a repetitive pattern used within the design, employing the addition symbol or the “plus” sign used within the name title, I have created an idol for this ideology.
Amnesty international is a human rights movement, they campaign for protection, justice and equality. Their values encourage inclusivity and wholeness.

I wanted to replicate an environment to reflect these values to bring everyone together in safe and equal space. A space where people feel connected and free.

The plus sign is a simple object which has a profound link to the idea of taking many things and bringing them together to create a whole, taking many smaller numbers and creating, one whole number. This is fundamental to Amnesty values of bringing together those who are viewed as less “valuable” and showing that they are in fact invaluable in creating a better society if we are all brought together equally. When morphed and remodeled, the symbol can be made to resemble a cube or “box” which represents the cages or constraints which some people live within. When deconstructed, the box then symbolizes breaking free of those constraints and reclaiming your rights and freedoms.

In areas of the design, the addition symbol has been rotated by 45°. This is an intentional metaphor about perspective. When you view things with a different perspective, they take on new meaning. In this case, the addition symbol takes on the role of a multiplication symbol which further exemplifies the Amnesty values. The multiplication symbol in this context, shows that when brought together, we can be far greater than the sum of our parts.

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