Caitlin Lynch


[ah-shar] • Kyrgyz

(n.) mutual aid, goodwill, community service; the power of a small group to change their society.

Ashar provides a communal Canteen and Art Studio to educate and inspire the public to stand up for human rights. The atmosphere Ashar creates upon entering the space is unique providing a multifaceted environment.

The secondary space, an Art Studio welcomes protesters, campaigners, volunteers and the general public to express their thoughts and feelings into art work in the form of banners, posters and wall art. It can be a meeting space for activists to come and gather before going out to a protest.

Using inspiration from David Adjaye’s pleating technique, an acrylic pleated ceiling feature hangs within the canteen to reflect natural light coming in throughout the day. The herringbone pattern taken from Adjaye is featured in three sections of flooring of the Canteen to differentiate the seating plan. The monochrome colours from the pattern fold onto the tabletops to give a three-dimensional perspective.

The use of colours throughout the space are primarily yellow and black to reflect Amnesty’s logo. Timber is used as the flooring due to its suitability to heavy foot traffic. The brushed brass is used as a trim around the tables to reflect natural daylight coming into the space, symbolising Amnesty’s candle motive.

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