Caitlin Wallace

My aim as a designer is to create spaces, in which bespoke meets human experience and evokes strong emotions that can stimulate, amaze or bring serenity. I believe that form and function should be equal in the world of design as the space must be practical, but also bring pleasure to whomever is using it.

Gleaning verb.
The act of collecting excess food from farms, gardens, markets, grocers, restaurants, or any other sources in order to provide it to those in need.

Glean is an Israeli canteen designed for the organisation UNICEF- inspired by the work of Neri Oxman. Glean actively practises the notion of zero waste through the act of gleaning, utilising every part of an animal/plant and then converting food waste into compost for their own organic garden.

Every child has the right to eat. Around the world, 3.1 million children die from hunger each year- approximately 1 child every 10 seconds. In Australia over 5 million tonnes of food ends up in landfill. Despite this astonishing figure, 1 in 5 Australian children still go hungry. Therefore, an organisation such as UNICEF should practise the notion of zero waste- as food should not be wasted when children are going hungry.

The collage previously created inspired the grid that guided the design of the canteen. The linear and curved forms are repeated throughout the design in the forms of joinery, flooring and wall/ceiling features. A closeup of Oxman’s chaise lounge ‘Gemini’ was used as a pattern in the design to add further visual interest and reference her work.

According to UNICEF, survival, protection and the development of children are universally imperative and are integral to human progress. Exercise is important in the development of children; mentally and physically, thus was the driving principle for the additional space- a gym for children. The gym includes rock climbing, floor space to exercise and gym equipment for fun and exercise.  

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