Cassandra Granchi

Lighting design defines the interior. It has the potential to create, form, and manipulate the space’s atmosphere. As interior designers, the shapes, and lines we draw are the beginnings of a working atmosphere inside a space, and the light we choose to use helps to reveal this to its users

My second year of study saw the making of a light, which was built for a furniture studio. Through the understanding of connection and intersections, it was here that my interest in lighting really begun.

Throughout university, I have been fortunate enough to travel to different parts of
the world. I left Australia for two years, with the intention of returning to my degree
with a clearer vision of what I wanted to achieve from having the ability to visit
influential buildings and see different architectural styles. The types of building that
impacted me greatly were places of worship. Regardless of religious denomination, the experience one has when entering a place of worship will often hold atmospheric qualities like that of warmth and familiarity.

Noticing the impact the lighting has in these spaces urged me to reflect on why the experience had in an ecclesiastical building cannot be transported into your everyday life, somewhere like a workplace. My final assessment of 2019 saw the redesign of a workplace, In Affect Studios. Although I was content with my design, I felt my space lacked research. It was these personal events and my passion for asking ‘why’ that encouraged me to participate in a research degree

My thesis, (available upon request), focuses on observing and offering new perspectives on workplace lighting design through the understanding and research of ecclesiastical lighting devices. This honours thesis is a comparative case study, demonstrated through diagrams, researching and exploring the notion of light and the interior atmosphere and its ability to define a space.

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