Choity Basak

This project idea started from doing research on Architect Rossana Hu’s famous designs. The research of her works leads to the understanding of cultural aspect on design development.

Rossana Hu tries to focus on the form and materiality that connects with her cultural background. From her design research finding details about her inspirations, ideas, thinking helps to create a collage design inspired by Hu’s design. Based on the collage project further process started of designing canteen, following Greenpeace Organizational value through design and activity on the site of Solomon Street, Adelaide. ‘Zhòngyòng’ is a canteen place with a gallery space created under Greenpeace organization to provide food service to people and giving information about necessity of recycling and process of reusing products.

The word Zhòngyòng is a Chinese word that means reuse, which is one of the ideas comes from Greenpeace safe environmental revolution. The idea of designing this canteen relates to the necessity of reusing by the canteen function that is by using wooden tray, plates, fork, spoon almost everything that is reusable. The gallery space to display the environmental damage caused by using plastic either photo exhibition, sculpture design, providing informative images and idea about the damage caused by human activities. There is a small retail shop for selling non plastic product or alternative use of plastic products, bags, decorative items within the gallery space and a small office space for Greenpeace Organization. Inspiring from the Architect Rossana Hu’s one of the famous design Junshan Cultural Center, China. Following the idea of designing a space with the Chinese architectural concept including a place to maintain ecofriendly canteen service by using sustainable material and reusing product. The interior concept drawing comes from the creation of collage and layout of design research project based on the Architect Rossana Hu’s work to focus on symmetrical layout and louvre design to continue throughout the space. The centre of the canteen space resembles the idea of Chinese classic building design which are emphasis on less of height by enclosing heavy platform and a large roof that floats over. Material and colour selection are based on following the design theme of Chinese culture and environment safe product. That is use of black and bronze colour with the base of stone and wood. Steel is one of the most eco-friendly design materials because of its strength, reusable and non-toxic. Sandstone and timber as a natural element which are eco-friendly and possible to reuse. Black and glossy lacquer accented with gold colour is traditionally used in Chinese interiors. The full space designing idea isto highlightthe cultural background of Rossana Hu and engaging people to get knowledge about the Greenpeace organisations values which is save the earth.

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