Christina Dymit

Revive is a canteen for The Heart Foundation’s offices as well as a public eatery which promotes a healthy heart and cardiovascular system.

The Heart Foundation aims to help, engage and change those of which who are dealing with a wide range of heart diseases. Revive strives to produce and provide healthy savoury and sweet alternatives for those who decide to enjoy the experience while educating the importance of a healthy diet. The space also provides a small gym which those recovering from heart attacks and offices which can be used to hold consults to provide patients with the help they need to live a healthy and active lifestyle.

The design takes inspiration from Architect John Wardle, who is known for his bold folding techniques and neutral colour palette. The timber slabs which extrude not only to the void but extrude to the front of the canteen, represents this folding idea from Wardle.

The material pallette used in the design is predominately timber, which is a main material used by Wardle. Various work pieces by him, consist of all or nearly all of timber. From having the predominant timber material, terrazzo was used to balance the space and provide brightness to the design. Being a spotted gum timber, it is Australian made, a premium material which is both natural and durable.

Revive’s goals are to create a space in which people are comfortable whether that be before or after workouts or just to eat. While providing knowledge and understanding of the importance of looking after your cardiovascular health.

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