cody chan

Water in architecture is often experienced within a boundary: the shape of water is strictly determined by the form of the container. For example if a pool is a rectangular, then the water will also be of rectangular shape. But what if water can be experienced without scope or boundaries?
Waterfall is an apartment project that allow users to experience water in a whole new sense. The presence of water is acknowledged throughout the entirety of site, not through only a physical lake or pool, but with the use of light and shadow.
Water is a thrilling and emotional substance, consisting of numerous forms and “moments.” Waterfall is one way to summarize and embody those many “moments.” From capturing the furious water falling vertically from a high ground to a tranquil lake, with a sense of calm finally being reached below the water’s surface. “Falling”, “flowing” and “underground” are the three main moments captured in the Waterfall project. The curvy natured roof and wavy timber cladding on the apartment building is mimicking the flow of water, and the Voronoi shaped shelter is imitating the texture of water. With the help of sun and shadows it gives clear distinction between being above and below water’s surface. 

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