Connor Armstrong

Our world is in an environmental crisis. The icecaps are melting, the seas are rising and no matter what, things are changing. This project is an attempt to draw attention to and inspiration from these undesirable truths. The ground level is designed to show the danger of the current path that we are taking, nature has reclaimed this level of built area. Residential and commercial spaces give way to the natural world. Select footprints of houses that existed in 2020 have been retained in shape and position, but they have been claimed by nature and flooded with water. Nature strips penetrate the built world giving space and land back to the trees which were previously relegated to the reserve. The next level of built space begins at what is currently the average high tide level in the Adelaide coastal area. This is used as a circulation zone and the start of more human controlled growth and structure of plant life. Above the high tide level, human built space begins again, forced to the level the high tide will reach on our current environmental path. This space has a completely controlled environmental aspect with a central greenhouse divided into plots.

Whilst this may seem bleak, a defining factor of humankind is our resilience and ability to adapt to situations that seem insurmountable. The ground floor becomes an opportunity to engage with nature again, with the floor footprints becoming pools and spas for the residents and visitor to enjoy. The nature strips become picnic areas and places for relaxation and exercise. The current high tide level is an opportunity for us to experience the beauty of nature in a space that provides clean air and beauty during transit from space to space. Finally, the built space above is an opportunity for us to reclaim our connection with the natural world. The greenhouse is watered using the recycled and collected water from the built space and the plants grown, provide produce for the bar and residents.

always was, always will be Kaurna land

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