Egbe Tanya Arrey

The Makoko Dream

We will visit a little fishing village in the south west of Lagos on the coast of the Lagos lagoon called Makoko. The economic and social diversity of the city of Lagos attracted dream chasers from neighbouring cities and many more from neighbouring countries like the republic of Benin. The Lagosian lifestyle proved costly to some leading them to settle in unfavourable and unsuitable living conditions on the coast of the Lagos lagoon. This little immigrant community sprawled from the land into the waters of the lagoon as many more people moved to Lagos in search for a better life.

Throughout this scheme, one questioned was raised; ‘’ how can I make their lives better; more efficient through architecture?’’ My first response was to the toxic nature of the site. Then, a few residential systems were been integrated as well. Each household will have a 6kw solar system with 18 solar panels, a 50,000 litre free standing rain water tank to provide potable water for household uses and a bio fuel digester used to breakdown all household waste into methane for cooking.
A floating system was proposed and the issue of inadequate housing structure was addressed by introducing a series of building typologies. My scheme focuses on 2 of these; as they highlight how much spatial diversity and social impact my proposal brings to Makoko.

The main character in this scheme is Chike, a crisis manager who has always been the voice of Makoko against the many injustices experienced. The secondary actors here are the future local and international Makoko visitors and tourists. The images portrayed here are a translation of my vision to create an efficient, healthy and self-reliant Makoko.

always was, always will be Kaurna land

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