Eleana Ralli


A canteen and recording studio intended for users of the Adelaide UNESCO group by exploring the angled modules used to create the collage and interpret them into a layout suitable for an office canteen.

Taking components of irregular shapes which make up the floor plan layout, this is representative of the Bourollec Brothers work in which they place components together to create organic forms inspired by the imperfect beauty found in nature.
The screen walls are a feature inspired by the Bourollec Brothers Algae screens and are designed to be a feature as well as a room partition. The coloured glass features throughout the space are reflective of the limited edition Ruutu vases designed by the Bourollec Brothers inspired by “rain on a window”.

The level one mezzanine is designed as a collaborative space for the UNESCO staff and dedicated to the Adelaide City of music. This space will allow for planning and meetings regarding events, gigs, venues and artists.

As Adelaide is a UNESCO city of music, with the aim to support local artists. The secondary space will contain a recording studio for local artists, this will encourage artists and assist on releasing new music. The space features a sound engineering room, band studio and two singular recording booths. The upstairs mezzanine will act as a lounge for writing, meetings and in between breaks.

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