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Cambiare (to change) is a low security institution that is designed with a dignified framework for women that are considered to leave the institution with better odds in life. Cambiare is here to rehabilitate women while educating them with the campuses facilities by helping them prepare for their post-prison journey. The institution aims to provide a facility that is not only focused on detention but has an emphasis on rehabilitating prisoners into a life of non-criminal behaviour. To provide a positive & stimulating environment for their imprisonment is an opportunity to change their lives for the better. Cambiare’s agenda focuses on Health & Well-being where education is implemented throughout all the provided facilities that focuses on health + fitness, diet + nutrition and mental-health. Cambiare is influenced by the success of Scandinavian prisons and adapts to their ethics and design guidelines.

In Galera, is the second project hat is an educational program with Cambiare which allows for the inmates to work outside of the institution & have an opportunity to study for a Diploma in the Hospitality Industry. This small pavilion has an ethos to educate women on food preparation & service as a method of rehabilitation. This experience will allow for the women to adapt to a working lifestyle to enhance their employability skills in hopes to be successful post-prison & reduce Italy’s recidivism rates. In Galera allows the women to be associated in a cooperative environment to satisfy their needs for an identity & to escape social exclusion. This restaurant is designed with an open kitchen for the public to engage with the women whilst their meals are being prepared & to hopefully to diminish the stigma that the incarcerated have. With hopes to take off with the success like In Galera, it will create an intriguing environment for the venetian locals & tourists which will promote rehabilitation programs in prisons

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