Elisha Wong

My project, ELEMENT X, surrounds itself in the mysteries of the Wolfe Creek Meteorite Crater in Western Australia. The site is known as the second largest crater on Earth, where meteorite fragments have been gathered and recovered. However, there isn't much that we know of the actual impact event that happened there. Through the years, researchers have been trying to speculate and reconstruct the impact event.

This then poses the question: How can architecture play a part in the reconstruction of this impact event? And how would architecture facilitate the unknown?

With three principle design ideas, 'Flow', 'Presence' and 'Force', the project proposes a hyperloop station on the highest edge of the crater. Element X serves as the beta for incorporating new transportation technology into remediating regional travels, flowing from one end to the other, with the crater as its center. The Hyperloop's incredible speed imitates the force of the impact event, circling the crater, creating an immersive experience for visitors. The project also consists of observation decks that extrude into the crater, in attempt to reflect the monumentality of both the site and the impact event, giving presence to the unknown.

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