Eliza Rowberry

This project is my last assessment ever submitted in my four years at UniSA. It is an eatery space for the staff of Greenpeace, inspired by the works of architect Kazuyo Sejima. Her influence of both paired back tonal work, with vibrant and theatrical details, lead me to this final outcome.

Presented with the large site, I set out to create a space with some smaller, more intimate areas. In a previous assessment I designed a credenza piece, this played a huge role in the design of this project. The credenza is two main solid forms set in a steel frame, and I used this form to create the two main towers in this space.

The pattern on the ceiling of this project is sourced from one of Sejima’s installation works in Japan: A-Art House. This project involved flowers pressed between layers of acrylic, creating the pattern along the walls. As Greenpeace were the client for this project, I conducted research into their organisation and found that much of their work takes place at sea. With this in mind I introduced perforated metal into the project as the material of the tables and walkways at mezzanine level, similar to walkways you would find in the interior of a ship.

As well as this, the ‘secondary space’ for this project, situated at the back of the building, I created the Fleet Florist. This florist takes cues from the main areas in terms of materials, while taking on its own large and open ceiling. This florist was designed to source local plants and flowers with part of the revenue contributed to growing new trees in deforestation areas.

My favourite part of this design is the elements of theatrics involved. The vibrancy of the pattern mixed with the inclusion of the elements of a ship’s interior create an element of fun in the project, while being finished with beautiful crafted, high quality materials.  

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