Ella Trotta

Ella Trotta take on Sue Carr vs the World Health Organisation. What a 2020 combo!

This design began in the middle of what had been a unique year for the whole world. Taking on Sue Carr was an honor as her designs are like no other in this modern world. The clean, minimalistic modern style with never allowing the fad trends to affect her design, to designing her own minimalistic modern style which is mind-blowing its own way!

Designing a Canteen space to be rich in Carr’s inspirational style, but also take into the fact of social distancing, sanitising and cleanliness. This inspired a single entry route throughout the design to minimise the amount of people crossing paths. From the moment you enter the building, you are presented with a set of stairs which leads you up to the state of the art inner city medical centre, designed to be used as a service for the users of the Adelaide CBD, to offer health care for the people who are most vulnerable, weather this be a local office worker to a homeless person looking for a medical hand.

Moving into the canteen ‘Salubre’ meaning Healthy in French, as this is the most common language used at the headquarters of the WHO in Geneva, Switzerland. Taking on the clean design into the canteen, to promote the people to promote and sustain being healthy. Taking you into the secondary space, the WHO conference room – a space designed for World class digital conferences to be taken place. Allowing a break out kitchen and meeting room to allow after meeting social gatherings. It's important in this space to have a load of natural light coming to minimise the fact of feeling closed in between the large walls.

Following up the stairs you will find an office fit for a director of the Western Pacific region of WHO. Following up the stair case to a roof top break out space with seating for meeting which don’t need to be as formal as the conference room. Overall this design works well to support the users of Adelaides Health needs.

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