Elladia Plenty

‘Raw Delight’ is a canteen that serves foods with raw ingredients such as smoothie bowls, salads, wraps and more. Using natural ingredients to make for a healthier community and lifestyle. Connected to the canteen area is a secondary space which holds a free heart health check clinic for the public, thoughtfully provided by the Heart Foundation.

Based on the completed collage, some concepts were taken away from it and put it into the canteens design. Focusing mostly on idea of interlocking elements and using it for the big idea. To do this, spatial partitions were created and used to divide the area. By making them tall, it ensured they would be a focal point in the space. The style of the partitions design is also incorporated into the entry, making it a grand spectacle as you walk through.

For the material selection, inspiration was taken from Bijoy Jain’s work. Using soft toned materials to ensure that the space spoke for itself. With the idea of having them look natural but with variety, so it did not feel like too much of the same thing. By adding textured materials it ensured that dimension was added to the space.

As for the atmosphere, the design was intended to feel grand but still comfortable. Being conscious of the users experience, people want different areas to use, so by creating an area towards the front of the canteen where it had a low ceiling to, made it felt cosier. Large windows were added to the front of the building to ensure that a high amount of natural light would flow through the space and create shadows.

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