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Allure Canteen and Market is run by the Slow Food Organisation, promoting culture, connection, and sustainability.

The Slow Food Organisation aims to engage and educate on local produce and the endless options that come with cooking and consuming organic, locally produced food.

The design takes inspiration from designer Marcel Wanders, who emits colour, pattern, and bold scale of forms within his designs. The notion of layering texture defines Wander’s creations. The form of the circle has depicted the layout and movement of the interior. Inspired by Wanders product design, the ‘Blue Ming’ china dinnerware, the layering of circles and the shapes that can be made has transformed into the canteen.
The interior has been created to have a sense of flow and present a soft feel whilst being in an expansive space. The layering of textures and patterns with finer details have been created to visually please the eye and pay homage to Wanders. A softer palette though has been devised, to connect back with the Slow Food Organisations ethos and suit their company value and needs.

The interior revolves around connection and the idea of convivial gatherings. With the canteen being in the centre of the room, it allows the focus to be on the Slow Food Organisations main values.
Level one has a mezzanine which overlooks the canteen space, utilised for the SFO workers, they have access to shared meeting spaces and can be used as a function space when needed. The bar and seating area is also accessible daily to people who have been in the market and want to enjoy the space.

The secondary space is a fresh produce market, to sell to the public what they utilise in their kitchen and food for the canteen. Easily accessible to users of the canteen or the public, it promotes South Australian produce, with the design reflecting their ‘Ark of Taste’ concept. The Ark of Taste was created to educate and communicate the planet’s edible diversity at risk of being lost.

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