‘The Artesian Springs’ (TAS) — a place to call “home” for all walks of life. The Artesian Springs provides an advanced way of living, richly celebrating diversity, community spirit, and unity through its architectural and ecological notions. Located in Camden Park, South Australia, The Artesian Springs is only a short distance away from the city and the sea. It is the optimal location for those who desire to live a communal life, without the restrictions of high-density living. The site is architecturally designed to establish a village-like typology to allow the relationship between nature, residential and communal living to converge. The design was metaphorically inspired by the ecological process of springs, where the groundwater, under pressure, finds its way to land surface. The idea of establishing a relationship between the underground and aboveground has been articulated architecturally. The underground springs pose as the ‘heart and soul’ of the site, creating a communal space and allowing the interaction between inhabitants. Further exploring the ecological process of springs, the springs are not only experienced underground, but can be experienced and enjoyed throughout the entirety of site, aboveground. ‘The Artesian Springs’ responds to and provides a solution to the growing society of 2045; where quality of life and the ecological environment are paramount. The adaptable nature of the site ensures that it will progressively grow and evolve along side society.

always was, always will be Kaurna land

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