Eugene Reanoy

The project focus is on different category of people who would experiment themselves and takes risks to be in altered state of mind. And this has been practised by a huge a population among us. The Idea then was to understand why people would do or be part of such activities? What is benefit in doing so? And is there any space around the world to do this? Psychedelic substances have been banned in 90% of the countries around the world from the early 60’s. But the recent studies show a very contradicting results, when these substances are used in a controlled manner it could act as a remedial treatment for different mental illnesses. Studies shows that controlled use of Psychedelic substances foe mental treatment has success rate of 75% compared to 30% success rate of modern allopathic methods. But it is still unknown what these drugs are actually doing to our brain. Some experiences give an insight of what a person feels during a psychedelic experience, but it is different for every single human being. Ancient ceremonial methods like Ayahuasca, Peyote, Psilocybin Mushrooms has been around the world since the human civilization and we could see the depiction of usage of such substances in ancient depictions. What this could mean is these substances have been used by our ancients even though they did not now what exactly it does to us.

This project is developed in order reduce the gap between the unknown factors of brain activity during an induced state. The project explores to develop spaces which complement the function of mental retreat using Psychedelics at the same trying to find out how it works to develop further medicines to treat mental illnesses. A psychedelic research centre along with the function of mental retreat allows a platform to develop this topic further. the idea is to design a space for treatments using substance such as Psilocybin, entheogens to treat mental illnesses and to study the effects of it to develop products which could benefit the whole mankind. An integral part of the project is a research centre, Experience centre, Ceremonial space, Accommodation.

The key stake holders of this particular project are patients, Health workers, production workers, pharmaceutical enterprises. The sole idea of the project is to bring a treatment method in a controlled manner to the public while addressing the challenges such as understanding the drug and how it is effecting each individual, understanding the causes for variation in each individual and being able to predict the pattern. Thud developing a treatment method which caters a wider range of occupants.

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