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Ido canteen and education centre is run by amnesty international, located in the Adelaide CBD West End, promoting the movement of freedom. Fostering a greater communication and engagement both with, and within the organisation. Amnesty International aims to educate people about their rights, freedom and teach people who/what amnesty international is all about and what they do for people who have been affected. The space also provides a small classroom where all the action, discussion and education take place. As well as providing a small multipurpose space where exhibition, campaigning and donations take place.The building design takes inspiration from the Japanese designer and architect Sato Oki, founder of Nendo. Oki’s design philosophy revolves around human feelings by using reminiscence, humour, surprise and even irony in his creation, always believed in creating artificial lights that compliments natural light and his products are a true reflection of Oki’s thought process.The space is influenced and formed by continuous black and white abstract line which was inspired by the collage. The design transforms from the walls, floors, and to the ceilings throughout the canteen representing Sato Oki’s design concept. The featured abstract Oki inspired ceiling light installation incorporates the amnesty international bird (Dove) which represents freedom, acceptance and embracing one’s individuality. The Laced abstract façade is designed to let in natural light, flashing it into the space representing the amnesty international commitments to bring in hope.The materials palette used in the design was originated from those used by Oki and the colour scheme developed by the collage. These included, white and gold marble, brass, bronzed glass, black & white paint finishes, and white American oak throughout the canteen.


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