Hannah George

Adelaide is the home of World Health Organization’s Health in All Policies movement. In 1988 Adelaide signed the Alma Ata Declaration which aims to move toward creating a supportive environment that enables people to live healthy lives. The policy looks beyond the availability to access health care and instead analyses agriculture, trade, education and transport industries and forms appropriate policies to maximise health and wellbeing. 

The Alma Ata canteen reflects the intention of WHO’s Health in All Policies by considering wellbeing in all aspects. The food is nourishing, the atmosphere is calming and the layout is inclusive. Health in All Policies formed an oath to focus on developing skills and strengthen community action. This section from the declaration inspired the inclusion of a training room and seminar space, to enrich staff, guests and collaborators on the policy.

The space has drawn inspiration from Tom Dixon’s Pylon Chair. More specifically through the break down of the form into triangles and by incorporating the idea of networking and welding.

Triangles have been used to inform the shape of the void. Theses triangles take form as walls which are then folded and scored to create intimate spaces. The pylon represents networking and connections, this resonates with World Health Organization’s large collection of nations collaborating together.

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