Hannah Sexton

CANOPY explores a lifestyle of sustainability, connection and community. Considered for people from all walks of life; the aspiration of the site is to connect people to place in 2045+. Situated in between the heart of the Adelaide CBD and the South Australian coastline, this city to sea corridor is activated. Through the layering of programs, weaving of nature, shifting of spaces; a diverse and unique space welcomes residents and visitors alike.

Understanding the surrounding green and water spaces proved that there is a need to increase these environments within the suburbs. Mapping the South Australian coastline provided a natural gesture of the position the water would take on the site.

With a modular and flexible housing arrangement, the building typologies can be allocated to suit a range of lifestyles to change and grow as the occupants do. The fusion of residential dwellings and mixed programs; allows vertical and horizontal connection across the site.

The shared veggie patch that runs along the green space between the dwellings uses recycled water from the surrounding buildings, running along the green space which the community can contribute to and use. It provides a place of threshold between the residents, but also engages the community with a shared space and sense of responsibly. This shared community and circular economy approach is what describes the principles of CANOPY.

The eco-village of CANOPY explores how the idea of traditional residential landscapes have been reimagined. With courtyards, shared veggie patches and water systems, laneways, nature zones and the reduction of car roads; the community is immersed in the natural landscape and one another, reclaiming the purpose and significance of neighbourhoods. CANOPY aims to create a safe and inviting place for rest, and rejuvenation to encourage residents to find their base camp.

always was, always will be Kaurna land

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