Hannah Tschirpig

Botanica and Better Leather 

Botanica is a canteen designed for the world wildlife fund (WWF) who have an office space and vegan leather store (better leather) on level 1. This canteen and leather store will both donate the proceeds back to WWF as an additional form of fundraising. This design is all about sustainability and conservation which are key principles for WWF. In order to achieve this all materials have been chosen for their durability, longevity, easy cleaning, minimal waste production and environmentally friendly qualities. These include a white mesh with a white powder coat, copper, terrazzo, ceramic tile and vegan leather for all seating. No animal products will be used therefore the food will be plant based. All trays will be reused and all plates, cups and cutlery will be biodegradable.

Better leather is a boutique vegan leather store that sells bags and accessories made from vegan leather. The materials used within this space are also all sustainable and are variations from the canteen however they are predominantly neutral tones to relax the space and make the products stand out.

The big idea within this space is the wire mesh framing which was inspired by Elizabeth Diller and the idea to have a space within a space and zoned off so you can get a glimpse into the next area but it’s not yet in full view. The second big idea was to form a unique ceiling detail that was inspired by the pattern and colouring of a giraffe to give reference to WWF and conservation of animals.  

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