Harshada Bhandarkar

Architecture is the reconciliation between us and the world, and this mediation takes place through senses. - Juhani pallasmaa.

Being a yoga instructor myself, I have felt the impact of yoga on mental health. We as human beings have an inner connection with our environment by physical, mental, spiritual and emotional means. This connection can create a dynamic life that thrive in every aspect.

Intent of the project –
• To establish how the relationship between spatial layout and architectural spaces can influence people’s mental health.
• To form a connection between contemporary architecture and the traditional concept of spatial tranquility.

Concept – The human body with the skeleton stands up just as a building does. There are many similarities between them. There are series of asanas that relate to basic structural concepts. The concept behind the use of this geometry in the design is ESOTERIC HEALING.

Aura –
Every living being has a different Aura. Aura basically means the distinctive atmosphere or quality that seems to surround and be generated by a person. The design aims to provide the modern yogic experience with minimal emission.

Aroma –
Out of all our senses, Smell has always been neglected in architecture. Holistic healer’s have been using aromas of nature’s flowers and herbs for centuries. We believe, Architecture and the nature in the surrounding performs the aromatherapy for us. Hence, the green pockets in the design consists of 5 Sacred Aromatic Plants for Meditation & Healing, which are, agarwood, sandalwood, Frankincense, Palo Santo and Cistus.

Big Bath –
The thermal bath and community big bath are designed to rediscover the ancient benefits of the Roman Bath. The combination of light and shade, open and closed makes a sensuous and restorative experience for the user.

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