Hisham El-Jourdi

  LARMA looks to contrast then and now to understand how we will live together. It is more of an understanding of time and change rather than a manicured vision into the future of life. As controversial as it seems LARMA looks to reintroduce the divide as a method to highlight the socioeconomic standing from then and now. It is a parody of the times that were in the early 1900s - it extrapolates concepts and flips them to a grand scale whilst still respecting and demanding its space in today’s context. LARMA features a clean and modest façade with bold forms in a soft white touch. It looks to contrast the interior heavily by introducing extravagant splashes of marble and brass. The interiors speak to the post modernist era through colour and lack of convention however the exteriors relate to the modernist era through solid form and geometry.

always was, always will be Kaurna land

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