Isabelle Neubauer


Oceans and reefs are our “carbon sponges”, critical in removing CO2 from the atmosphere. As water temperatures increase and permafrost melts resulting in increased methane into the atmosphere, the coral reefs have had little hope of survival through these heatwaves and ocean acidification. We have already seen this first hand from the mass events of coral bleaching in the Great Barrier Reef.


The water quality of the Great Barrier Reef has deteriorated significantly, resulting in numerous species of coral and marine life now in danger or threatened.

The East Coast Marine Society (ECMS) programs work to restoring this, whilst educating the community on maintaining the health of our marine ecosystem. ECMS was engaged in March 2020 to facilitate the development of a Master Plan for its Marine & Wildlife Conservation Centre in 2025.

ECMS strives in educational learning, research, and providing rehabilitation for both local reefs and its wildlife. Major concerns consist of overfishing, reef bleaching, marine pollution, and bycatch.

We as the architects question; “Can architecture renew the effects of reef pollution and bleaching?”

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