Jakob Söderholm

Urban Fjord challenges the conventional build of high rise living. It moves away from the standard vertical movement by allowing occupants the opportunity of high rise living along with the benefits of owning an outdoor space. Through its design of pushing back each level, terraces are able to emerge to form the canvas for outdoor living

Conceptually Urban Fjord takes inspiration from the natural cycle of fjords, with the silhouette of the building in relation to the site creating the cracks in which water can metaphorically flow down towards a central Olympic sized pool.

It promotes community engagement by providing shared spaces within the structure for community based events such as an indoor pool and thermal bath retreat. Additionally, the combined programs of community run gardens, as well as two library nooks, create opportunities for people of all demographics to come together. 

Through the use of materiality, Urban Fjord has been sustainably designed. Light materials reflect the natural heat emitted from the sun and reduce the urban heat island effect substantially.

Providing spaces for nature to grow is another effective design solution that reduces the heat island effect as well as providing multiple benefits to both occupants and the structures footprint itself.

always was, always will be Kaurna land

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