James Nicolson

Throughout my time studying architecture I have come to appreciate its significant influence on, and connection to, people’s everyday lives and the vital role of architecture in creating a more sustainable future. For my final architecture studio I decided to look at Venice’s tourism industry and how the architectural agency of my project can contribute to creating a more liveable Venice with a thriving and sustainable tourism industry.

I decided to explore this by designing a Collaborative Centre for Sustainable Tourism that I have called ‘The Forum,’ to represent the idea of bringing people together for discussion and everyone having an equal voice. My two main objectives in designing ‘The Forum’ were to create spaces that inspire innovative thinking by diverse interest groups on developing solutions to Venice’s tourism problem, and to increase people’s understanding and appreciation of the need for more sustainable approaches.

My work was inspired by four design concepts. [1] Creating a strong connection to water - this led me to design aspects of the building to appear as if they are floating just above the surface of the water. [2] Bringing people together and promoting collaboration – a major element of the design is the central collaborative space which provides a stimulating mix of working spaces. [3] The contrasting dynamic and static aspects of the site – one key façade facing the water is inherently dynamic, in contrast to the other façade facing the much more static promenade. [4] Creating and framing unique views across the Giudecca Canal– this has influenced the location of key spaces in the building such as the main collaborative space and the café and the direction in which they face.

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