Jebin Joshy

World is going through rapid climate change due to indiscriminate greed of the mankind. The time is not far when the world will be facing an apocalyptic situation. The proposed arboretum will be an ‘ark’ for plant species, allowing us a chance to withstand the apocalypse by conserving the rare and abundant, small and large, herbs, shrubs and tree species.

We all are familiar with the seed vault near Norway, it protects more than 4.5 million samples of seeds from all over the world, but it does not have any public access system and is isolated in its design, trapping the knowledge, the experience, the importance and the awe connected to such a place.
The proposed project of Arboretum on Kannan Devan hills in India is conceptualised to have a public interaction with the rare and conserved species. The projects also help us to understand the importance of the forest and plant life for the human mankind. The site of the arboretum is setup on the highest point of the western ghats and will act as a centre which guides the whole of western ghats from further deterioration. The project programme takes into consideration not only the needs of the plants but also the public, so they too could be woken from the ignorant slumber of apathy. The project is designed around a strong structural understanding of various support systems that may be needed.

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