Jonathan    Harous

Ask yourself this, how often do you find yourself seeking or providing empathy? More importantly the concept behind the word 'empathy' in relation to blood cancers, specifically Leukemia. We constantly find ourselves interacting and connecting with people without even realising. But the importance of the word empathy in relation to architecture has many alternative meanings. According to Hashim Sarkis's statement, he is calling on architects to imagine spaces in which we can generously live together. Specifically, together as human beings who yearn to connect with one another.

This project creates spaces in order to understand and share the experiences of recovering Leukemia patients. This is achieved through il progetto empatico, an accommodation complex accompanied by a public Leukemia research facility located on the southern island of Venice, Giudecca. il progetto empatico bridges the concept of new life through Venice's intertwining architectonics, addressing the journey one takes in surviving Leukemia using the stem cell transplant and chemotherapy pathway. The site offers an architectural walkthrough exhibition experience, Re-Birthed. Re-Birthed teaches and educates the public behind a traditionally sensitive topic through a series of fixed architectural spaces, ultimately coming out of the experience with a different outlook on life and a better understanding of il progretto empatico’s movement.

Architecturally, the project responds to the existing Venetian architectural fabric, and is complimented and juxtaposed through the contemporary regeneration of traditional gable forms. il progetto empatico re-imagines, re-creates, and re-invents the historic waterfront granaries of Giudecca and explores collaborations between health and the built environment. Resulting in the ability to better understand architectures role in creating a common language around foregrounding empathy and engagement with other beings.

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