Jordan Hales

The prevalence of loneliness and social isolation within a society is only exacerbated by the effects of mass tourism. The idea that, through the re-invigoration of dilapidated, decayed and unused spaces, sympathetic design interventions can help prevent this issue is what Poco il Quartiere provides. The city is besieged by hordes of visitors daily, with vacant houses scattering the lagoon. Poco Il Quartiere creates not only a mixed use development with a form of student housing, but a community, a place to love and a font of inspiration against the prevalence of loneliness and social isolation.

The urban catalyst amplifies the sites unique natural characteristics; concentrating primarily through the central spine of the site that engages the street edge, green space, and canal edge.

Apericena creates a place that promotes social interaction through the coming together of local venetians and tourists while handing back the wine making process to the carefully curated hand of the traditional artisanal wine maker. The earthy textures and materiality of Apericena lends itself to the artisanal past of venetian culture, where the careful creation of the materials generates something that is not of perfection, but where individual differences create an entire experience due to their own imperfections, much like each individual bottle of Dorona Wine.

always was, always will be Kaurna land

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