Jordan Jaeger

Communal Brook focuses on the effective utilization of home and streetscape to encourage flexible, greener, and healthier construction beneficial to the environment as well as its inhabitants.


1. Ecofriendly greening of structure by creating a physical environment that contributes positively to the climate, and more specifically reduce Urban Heat Island effect. Trees were used to absorb heat and regulate wind patterns within the Brook canyon, as well as emit clean air; they will also work to compliment the views associated with the home window bays, framing views, and in reverse block pedestrian viewing from street into private spaces. Intensive green roofs are proven to be effective in Adelaide’s drier climate, and used here will lower the anthropogenic heat we would otherwise be generating to cool the homes. Grand spans of permeable ground surfaces increase the heat storage in the subsoil, meaning a greater resilience to urban heat island with greater water retention.

2. Mimicking the continuous movement of water on Earth and the atmosphere, to represent the relationship between water and life. This is seen through the utilization of gradient and form, where our commercial spaces act as mountains, standing proud above rest of the site, where water then travels down a windy street, illustrating the river, and ultimately rests to be evaporated, in our Olympic pool at the bottom of the gradient.

3. Provide sufficient walkability on site, so that inhabitants are encouraged to use public transport systems and discourages the driving of personal vehicles. This has been done by limiting the parking access to anyone one site, effectively destroying the notion that people must have a car to survive. This is effective due to the accessibility of commercial entities on either end of the site, all within walking distance, subsequently bus stops are present along Anzac highway, to give inhabitants access to the rest of Adelaide’s infrastructure.

always was, always will be Kaurna land

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