Julian Kirkbride

Alluvium is defined as the deposits of sediment left by flowing water. Seen within deltas, alluviums transport nutrient rich soil into the ocean, producing a habitat that allows life of all kinds to prosper. This definition is at the heart of the project, as the proposal seeks to generate community driven spaces that strive to enhance the lives of the residences within the ‘Delta’ community and the surrounding neighbourhoods.

‘Alluvium’ achieves this enrichment of the surrounding area by providing a number of community-based programs: community pool, swimming school, gym, function rooms, cafe, and bathing complex. These programs intend to generate community interaction, helping to form a unified society where personal interaction is encouraged.

The bathing complex is located on the northern end of the site, submerged below the terrain. The complex offers visitors a sensory experience through its differing pools. These pools vary in temperature, depth, and salinity - allowing a holistic bathing experience. Looking up within the baths, visitors can see the light and water flooding in from the pool space above - creating a unique visual. Inspired by sediment deposits of a delta, the complex is constructed using Arkose, a sedimentary rock widely seen within the Australian landscape. In addition to this materiality, the form of the building is comprised of stacking the rock, creating a layered effect seen within Alluvium geography.

Connecting all the designs within the ‘Delta’ complex is the inclusion of a water channel. This form transitions from project-to-project, as a multitude of program is applied enhancing each space along its path. Within the Alluvium site, the channel is used as a ‘Splash Zone’, allowing children and parents to play and cool off in the warmer months. This channel culminates by pouring the water through the skylights of the bathing complex enriching the atmosphere of the space below.

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