Katerina Nomikos

o s t r e i d a e - the scientific name for an oyster.
When sand enters an oyster’s shell they create layers around it to protect themselves. This is how pearls are formed. Each home on site is a pearl as they protect residents in the form of thresholds. The natural form of these thresholds has also been inspired by the oysters shell.

2 0 4 5  l i f e
By 2045 there will be more dense housing arrangements throughout the neighbourhood. This will provide opportunity for green space around apartments, mitigating the worsening urban heat island effect in Adelaide. Green walls and green pavers on site have been incorporated into the architecture for this the same reason.

The form of the splash scape has been inspired by the SA coastline, with the veggie patch representing land locked water and the olympic pool representing the ocean.  

always was, always will be Kaurna land

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