Keneil Jiwan

The World Fair of 1964 saw the end of innocence. Both Atomic energy and Space technology were on display. Meant to be a temporary event space, the New York state pavilion is a relic of the time. The pavilion also saw a great interest at its inception with likes of Coca Cola, IBM and Ford as investors. Designed by Philip Johnson, it now stands abandoned and is a space of introspection. Like a commodity in a consumerist world, the sheen did not last. What went wrong with what was considered to be the greatest advancement of the human kind.

Objects, Commodity, Options, Consumerism, Capitalism

The Social Condenser is built on the Constructivist theory of the 1920s Soviet Union that speculates the role of architecture for overcoming social hierarchies. The design incorporates collective living with personal and community spaces where artists and thinkers stay for a span of time to discuss ideas and social reforms. A place to ponder and exchange of knowledge and share work. The design has spaces for Museum of capitalism , research library, co-working spaces and pods spiraling around the existing columns for individual study. The relic has observatory towers converted into the gallery of New York state pavilion and
its time line over the years. the office of the collective is the second tower with observation decks on the tallest tow er.

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