Lauren Callisto

Named for the extinct Australian mammal, the Bramble Cay Melomys, the first extinction directly resulting from the effects of climate change, this canteen embodies Greenpeace’s ethos towards a cleaner future.

Greenpeace attributes the reduction of consumption of dairy and meat to be the way for individuals to lead global sustainability. Agriculture is currently responsible for a quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions impacting climate change and this is expected to double by 2050. Hence, vegan cuisine is the preferred offering in by Bramble, this canteen.

Runcaria is a seed bank nested as the secondary space. Historically, Runcaria is an extinct genus of plant from Europe and the precursor to seeding plants. Seed banking promotes the preservation of crop diversity and supplies from climate change, natural disasters, man-made disasters and diseases. The saved material can be studied, propagated, used for educational purposes and as a public resource. This seed bank also allows for the ongoing cultivation of heirloom plant varieties to be used by canteen to increase their exposure to the public.

The space is informed by the folded elements of the collage that have been integrated into adjoining floor and ceiling systems. These folded elements are orientated across an unevenly spaced linear grid which has been broken at spontaneous intervals before being mirrored horizontally and vertically in reference to genome sequencing.

The selection of materials originates from those used by Sato Oki – these include polished marble and granite, oiled white ash, black and white enamel and glass.

always was, always will be Kaurna land

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