Liam Moroney

Conflux (n): A coming or flowing together, meeting or gathering at one point.

The wider context of the city of Adelaide is home to two very distinct edges; the Adelaide Hills to the east, and that of the coast to the west. Within this passage lies an urban sprawl compressed into a narrow corridor, these hard edges within a macro scale provided a starting point when refining a design strategy for the Plympton site along ANZAC Highway. Consider the highway as the urban corridor of the greater context, and the passage becomes that of the hills down to the sea. Within the plains where rainwater from the Adelaide hills naturally flows downhill towards the coast, the city of Adelaide grew.

This identification of a clear contrast between the hard and softscapes of the city served as a launching off point for the structural and landscaping design components. Examining the wider context of the larger site plan allowed for the exploration of many themes, such as a lack of geometric shapes defining hard edges which emulates an ever-shifting tide upon a coastline, incorporating natural elements of the wider context in the design. Internally, when applied to the section, the height of the northern end of the site aims to literally drip down into the park and splash scape through offset levels and lofts, as if the rain might have carved its own path while running down from the hills.

With an outlook on 2045, a society striving for equality and representation requires a new form of integrated living to evolve within. Conflux aims to provide a meeting point for numerous demographics to flow and connect together in harmony.  

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